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CyberScout Consulting

CyberScout Consulting

Security threats pose a relentless challenge to organizations of all sizes and in every industry. Data breaches occur with alarming frequency, and no business is immune to the effects inadequate data security can have on the bottom line. CyberScout Consulting, a subsidiary of CyberScout, LLC, can help you fill the gaps and strengthen your security posture with practical, actionable recommendations customized to the capabilities of your organization’s unique information security requirements.

Virtual Information Security Staffing

Most companies don’t have the resources to employ a fully staffed security team solely focused on protecting your organization’s most valuable data assets. Often security responsibilities roll up to the IT team, but tasking IT with keeping its own systems secure is a recipe for disaster. IT is tasked with selecting and implementing technology tools to make the business work faster, smarter and more profitably.  They design and build the “house” while security sees that it meets a “fire code.”  CyberScout Consulting can provide flexible and affordable services to fill the void of a dedicated Information Security, Compliance, Data Privacy, or Information Governance resource costing only a fraction of staffing a full team.

Preparatory & Preventive Services

CyberScout Consulting provides a comprehensive set of information security services designed to fully assess your data risk and ensure your organization has proper planning in place before a data security event occurs.

Data Breach Preparedness – A data breach should not be common or recurring.  As a result, most companies lack the experience to build deep, in-house expertise to properly prepare for or respond to and document a data breach.  The segmented federal data privacy regulations and state-by-state breach notification laws also require knowledge not typically found internally.  

Data Breach Response Training – Proper preparation requires organization-wide involvement. No amount of preparation will matter if every employee that comes into contact with sensitive information isn’t appropriately trained in data security, risk awareness and on their responsibilities during a data breach event. Your consultant can develop and deliver training courses and materials to ensure everyone in your business is aligned in the fight against data loss or theft.

Information Security Services – The consultant can provide practical solutions ranging from information risk assessments, incident response planning and testing, compliance gap analysis, vulnerability and penetration testing, written information security plan (WISP) development and vendor security assessments.

Response & Remediation Services

In the event you experience a data breach, CyberScout Consulting can provide a full range of breach response services to get you back to business quickly.

Breach Counseling and Crisis Management – Successful incident response requires decisive, efficient actions to contain the damage and comply with state-by-state notification laws in a timely manner. CyberScout Consulting allows your next move to be quick and certain when you need guidance in assessing the impact of a data breach, notifying the breached individuals and/or notifying the states’ attorneys general or federal regulatory agencies. Restoration and remediation services include:

    • Assessment of the incident impact and likely consequences
    • Detection and removal of malware
    • Internal and external communications
    • Public relations and media management
    • Customer or employee notification and remediation
    • Data and system restoration
    • Forensic preservation of evidence
    • Correlation of digital artifacts to determine the nature and extent of the exposure
    • Breach victim notification management
    • Breach victim call handling

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CyberScout Consulting will help your organization:

  • Comply with domestic security, breach notification and global privacy regulations
  • Prevent security incidents by strenthening your security program
  • Respond to a data breach swiftly and appropriately to minimize damage

CyberScout Consulting tailors services to your industry and apply best practices specific to your unique business operations. Your dedicated consultant won't hand you a binder and walk away.  Instead, they'll walk you through step-by-step decisions to customize a plan for your organization that you can implement right away.  Count on CyberScout Consulting for reliable guidance and support for any data risk management need, including:


Faith in our electoral process is essential to preserving our freedom.  CyberScout helps states across the country restore security and privacy—analyzing your entire voting infrastructure and processes, identifying and repairing vulnerabilities and providing both transparency and accountability through post-election auditing procedures and methodologies for both current and future systems.


The financial effects of a retail data breach are tremendous and well documented in the media. CyberScout Consulting can help ensure you are adhering to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Compliance and providing sufficient point of sale device protection. Additionally your consultant will provide valuable assessment and advice on where your security investments will yield the greatest protection of networks, servers and wireless devices, Website security and protection of data trusted to a cloud provider.


The healthcare industry is in a period of change. Mandated migration to electronic health records, an increasing use of mobile devices by physicians and technicians, and changes to healthcare regulations has shifted the landscape to one that requires always current and specialized considerations of the administrative, physical and technical implications of providing care and doing business. Stolen personal data can be used for identity theft and financial fraud schemes, and the enforcement of non-compliance with patient privacy protection laws can be detrimental to the bottom line.  Data may be stolen or lost in many ways and a multi-disciplined approach to prevention, such as the approach used by CyberScout consultants, is needed to build a well-considered and coordinated plan.


CyberScout Consulting can help protect your firm, your client’s or company’s valuable information assets. Sensitive legal information has become a valuable commodity for criminals, and the consequences of a data breach can be severe. Moving data across international boundaries must be done in observance of local data privacy protections and often in coordination with the local data privacy authority.  CyberScout Consulting's experienced team can guide you through the patchwork of local, regional or sectorial laws.

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