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Senior-level team members with deep and valuable experience.

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CyberScout's leadership members are industry experts. They're uniquely prepared to meet the challenges posed by an ever-changing privacy landscape in which identity theft and data breaches have become the third certainty in life. Given their deep understanding of the issues facing industries CyberScout serves, they're also uniquely qualified to offer hands-on identity protection, resolution and data-risk management strategies.

The CyberScout team knows what works and what may expose businesses to unintended consequences. These senior-level experts work alongside our business clients to help secure personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), payment card industry information (PCI), confidential business information, and more.  CyberScout’s close alignment with clients and its dedicated expertise help shape the programs developed with clients and differentiates it from other service providers.


Board of Directors

Board Member
Board Member
Vice Chairman and Acting CEO
Board Member
Board Member

Our Leadership Team

Vice Chairman and Acting CEO
EVP, Chief Financial Officer
EVP, Managing Director - Global Markets
Chad Eaton
EVP, Chief Growth Officer
EVP, Operations
Global Privacy Officer
EVP, Organizational Strategy
Risa Pecoraro
EVP, Chief Product Officer

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